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Branding trends STEM companies should embrace

August, 2019

How do you look as a company? Many consider their logo, colours and website, but it is easy to forget that in our digital age, our message and how people see us is ultimately what sticks. We see clear trends in science and technology to bring back the human connection but also to create clear visuals that help people find exactly what they need, and fast. This is a symptom of the ever shrinking attention span of the average customer and gives us more reason to be considerate with how we present our value.


Use Social Proof And Patient Stories

You have a great product or service and you know that it works. However, most people are reluctant to try something new unless they truly trust the company. Hand over the mic to your past customers and let them tell their story. It is important that the message feels genuine and honest and make sure to use good quality photography or video. Zipline, a company who use drones to deliver blood is a great example of how personal stories can drive home the message.

Have A Close Connection To Your Community

Weather it is your local community or a virtual one, understanding the people you help drives sales and a good brand image.

The long research and development phase in science and technology means many companies keep their heads down and focus on the day to day tasks. This can easily lead to a disconnect with your customers as their needs change. If you are out of touch with your customers, they will not feel excited about your company or understand why they need you. This is true for B-B and B-C companies alike.

The best way to get around this is to keep one foot firmly placed within the community. You can do this by attending events or even hosting your own Facebook group. Building a community this way means you have a direct channel to ask questions and test your hypotheses.

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User Experience In Focus

The way you build trust online has changed. A great user experience has now overtaken the role of technical explanations and volume of information. Successful brands are focusing on how to combine the customer pain points with their value proposition to create a compelling hook. If you are not getting the most from your website, Webdesignerdepot has a great guide to get you started.

Once you have their attention, you can guide them to the desired action in a way that feels natural and easy. Reducing frustration in any interaction will build trust and create a positive brand image. You can extrapolate this to your customer service, face to face meetings and packaging to ensure the customer feels taken care of.

If you are not sure if your website is user friendly, try one of the many testing site like Usertesting, Usabilityhub or Whatusersdo for an outside opinion.  

Nauto, a software company aiming to prevent driving accidents have achieved this type of helpful experience by adding both the value proposition and a clear call to action to their banner.

Unique Images

No One loves a cringe stock photo, but how can you create imagery that feels genuine and explains your product? Many companies are turning to custom illustrations, like Enterobiotix who explain their treatment options through welcoming icons.

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This approach means customers better understand your product, but also gives you share worthy and eye catching images to promote your business.    

Another great example from the tech space is Relativity who use illustrations to promote their process for rapid prototyping of rockets by drawing the attention to the intricacy of the design.

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