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Frida is a brand strategy and marketing agency who help people who want to make a positive impact. Their solutions are all custom and it was important for Frida that their brand showcased their curated and personable approach.

We worked together to develop Frida's visual language, social media templates and website to make sure the brand was effective and consistent throughout.


Squarespace website
Social media templates

Frida logo design
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The brand idea

The name Frida comes from artist and activist Frida Kahlo. The goal is to create a brand that is bold and unique without feeling excluding or over the top.

frida logo mark

Timeless design softened with modern elements

As a marketing company, Frida needs to lead the way and be an example for their clients and followers. The core content of their Instagram channel is tips for entrepreneurs, testimonials from clients and inspiring lessons and highlights from projects.
We wanted the social media templates to be flexible and easy to use. We also wanted to make sure there was a wide mix of text based and image based options.


A brand that is easy to use

With their busy day to day, the brand needed to be easy to use and consistent every time. We achieved this by creating templates for portfolio projects on the website, social media templates and a clear brand guide.

A unified message

Simplicity is often most powerful. We wanted to convey energy and a positive experience without feeling overwhelming. By combining beautiful photography, playful graphics and paired back design, we can achieve that balance.

Fueling positive impact

Frida is a brand who are discerning in who they work with. They empower entrepreneurs from all walks of life, ethnicity and identity, but are careful to only work with businesses that have a positive impact.

"Quality, creativity, professionalism, and people skills always on point. As usual, exceeding expectations."

Mariela Albornoz, CEO Frida

business card design

An memorable website

When you first land on the Frida website, you are met with bold and friendly banners. The design is paired back but the overall feeling is warm and welcoming. The photos are the hero so the rest of the design is kept minimal to support these. The shapes and bold buttons are placed strategically to encourage clients to reach out.

frida website design squarespace

Classic meets unique

One of the key goals of the visual language was to create a balance between calm and energetic. We wanted to show how well you are taken care of when you work with Frida, while also highlighting their unique approach and creative solutions. We achieved this by combining bold pops of colour in selected places with interesting photography and a classic layout and style.

frida brand guidelines

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