Illustrations are one of the best ways to bring personality to your brand. We create custom artwork that resonates with your audience.

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— Website illustrations
— Custom icon sets
— Illustrations for packaging
— Patterns for print
— Infographics

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— Book covers
— Spot illustrations
— Illustrated book posters

Brand personality

We can create illustrations in a range of styles to fit your existing brand or develop a new style for you. We work in Adobe Illustrator and Procreate to create illustrations that work both digitally and in print.

Futureform have supported all our design needs for two years. It is their flexibility and adaptability that we love. Whatever the job they are efficient and responsive, producing excellent quality.

— richard orr, winning scotland

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Before we start designing, we want to understand more about the context of the illustration. Will it be used in an editorial piece, as part of packaging or maybe in an annual review? Perhaps there is a specific style you are after or maybe you would prefer that we develop a style for your specific brand. Once we understand the goals of the project, we can move forward with the work.



To make sure we are on the right track, we start by creating sketches for your illustrations. These clean sketches will showcase the layout and general shading of the design but will not yet have colours or smaller details added. We look over the sketches to make sure they are capturing your ideas before we move forward and finalise the designs.


Colours and details

Once the sketch is approved, we create the full version of the illustration. This typically means adding all the colours and details as well as making any smaller changes based on your previous feedback. We work in either Adobe Illustrator or Procreate to create illustrations. These programs allow us to create a range of styles, from digital looking vector illustrations to water colours effects.



Once you have reviewed the finished illustrations, you can provide and feedback you might have. Perhaps the colours need some adjusting or you would like a small change to the subject or background design. We offer three rounds of revisions for every project and will make sure to create an illustration you feel proud to use.



We can offer a range of file formats to fit your different use cases. Just let us know the dimensions and format (like jpg, png or gif for example) and we can prepare the final artwork for you.

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Illustration process

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Personal fit is just as important as the actual work. We are a design duo driven by social and environmental sustainability and timeless design.

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