Empowering women through natural beauty

Mbikudi is working to empower African and Caribbean women through natural beauty products, nutrition classes and much more. Many competitive brands contain high chemical levels and the CEO started the company after her hair caught fire from using products with flammable ingredients. Mbikudi needed a brand identity and packaging that reflects their values of organic and chemical free ingredients.


Packaging design
Print design

The brand idea

Transparency. Every aspect of how the products work and the ingredients that go inside should be clear and easy to understand. Women should be portrayed in an empowering way that embraces their natural beauty.

Showcasing an honest approach

Mbikudi is a Social Enterprise and all products are created with their community in mind. From the way the products are made in small batches to the way they Mbikudi helps women learn new skills and increase their confidence, every decision is made with purpose.


Eleminating plastic

The new packaging designs use paper and reusable materials to replace the plastic packaging initially used.

A modular brand

Since the company often launches new products,  the brand can now quickly be expanded to new SKU's.

Empowering women

The new brand has helped Mbikudi attract more participants to their events - helping women from minority communities learn new skills like riding a bike and swimming.

A full body experience

Mbikudi have now expanded their product range to include lip balms, hair products, body lotions and much more. Many beauty products have a very minimalist approach which did not fit the company mission of spreading happiness and energy so all designs embrace the colours and feel of the ingredients and experience using them.

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