From a single product to a whole line, we can create beautiful and effective packaging. We can also advice on sustainable materials and practices.

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In every project

Packaging builders

— Shelf space analysis
— Competitor & customer analysis
— Print ready designs
— Original files
— Mockups for marketing
— Advice on sustainable materials

customise & add

Packaging boosters

— Multiple SKU’s
— We can speak directly to your printer to assist
— Marketing assets and ads

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With a broad range of skills like illustration, mockups and printing experience, we can help you design packaging that stays top of mind - online and in stores.

I would highly recommend Futureform. I am so thankful I decided to go with them for my rebrand. And they will definitely be my designers for any future design work I will require, and also for new label designs as I release more flavours!

— Shuiken Chan, my jam

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To have a strong impact, your packaging needs to appeal to the right people. You also need to stand apart from the competition. At the beginning of every project we run a discovery session to create a road map for your company moving forward. This will help you narrow down your most important goals. The discovery session is very collaborative - we want to learn everything we can about your business before we start designing.


Stylescapes and shelf space analysis

Based on the discovery, we conduct market research. This includes finding out what customers are looking for, how your brand can stand apart from competitors and creating style scapes. Style scapes are targeted mood boards that suggest potential design directions for your packaging. Based on where your product will be sold, we also look at the shelf space to spot trends and opportunities.



Based on our discovery session and research, we create multiple concepts for your packaging. We will showcase the designs on mockups that help visualise what the end product will look like. Together we discuss the design directions and you provide any feedback you have before we move forward. If you have multiple SKU's, we can showcase different items in a series.



We now have the concept for your packaging clear. In this next step we can make iterations to the original concept to make sure it is just right before we move forward. If you would like to test multiple concepts against each other or test variants of a design, we can set up testing with potential customers to help you make a decision.



Once the design is approved, we can work with your printer to receive all the correct dielines and print specifications. We are here to support you and make the hand-off to the printer as smooth as possible. We can also prepare marketing assets and mockups to help you promote your new design.

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Personal fit is just as important as the actual work. We are a design duo driven by social and environmental sustainability and timeless design.

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