Hidden Trax

Podcast tours that bring people together.



Cities have a lot of visitors every year, but very few venture off the high street. This often creates a divide between the locals and tourists and visitors miss out on memorable gems only locals know about.


Hidden Trax produce podcast tours written and voiced by passionate locals. We worked together to name, brand and help position Hidden Trax away from traditional tourism. The brand is bold, exciting and full of motion. The flexible logo can go both backwards and forward to reflect stories of the past and the future of each city.

Our Process

In most cities, only the big attractions benefit from tourism. By creating a platform where people who love the city can share their best tips with travellers looking for the inside scoop, it creates a community of understanding. It also gives smaller businesses off the beaten track a chance to reach new customers.


Supporting local

The new brand is inspired by the stories told on the platform and gives smaller local places a chance to grow.

Increasing diversity

The new brand embraces progress and stories from all perspectives. The strategy of providing recording support to passionate locals from all backgrounds means everyone now has a chance to tell their story.

Spreading awareness

Every city has hidden gems the mainstream tours miss. The new brand highlights details you might have missed and puts people and experiences in focus.

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