Remode Collective

Uniting a community over sustainable fashion.



One of the key challenges Remode were facing was showing that upcycled can be both innovative and high quality. Their brand needs to be attractive both to new makers, the community and the more high end customers.


We collaborated closely with the volunteers and team to learn how they wanted to use the brand day to day. The new design shows how fashion is given a new life and the people who make it special.

Our Process

We wanted the community to really feel ownership of the brand. Therefore, we created a logo that is easy to take apart, create patterns from and even embroider. By using a few bright shades paired with classic colours, the brand feels exciting and more high end.


Proud ownership

Each new product is named after a maker, highlighting their personal story and creating a connection between customers and Remode Collective.

A unified message

Remode Collective now has a unified brand that can be used online, in print and on their products. This helps create brand awareness and excitement around the brand.

A flexible logo

A key goal of the project was to make sure the logo is simple yet iconic to allow it to be painted, embroidered and stamped on new pieces.

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