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Brand background

Samsas was started when John and Anna noticed that so many people in workplaces don’t feel understood or valued. Their background in business and psychology means they know the value of inclusion and the importance of creating a work environment where everyone can express themselves openly.

The challenge

Samsas get hired mostly by HR representatives and the leadership team but also need to appeal to individuals who want to become a better leader themselves. Other consultants have a very serious and corporate approach while Samsas wanted to show how they make discussions and inclusion training engaging and fun for everyone. The goal was to create a brand that felt appropriate while still injecting energy and innovation into the designs.

Our Process

We started by coming up with the core concept behind the brand - “Inclusion gives you more”. The research showed that most leaders and HR teams knew that inclusion was an important box to tick but they saw it as an expensive and tedious process when in reality, it brings innovation and more employee retention. The logo reflects the concept of growth and the icons play with the idea of widening your perspectives and directionality. It was important that the overall design felt really clean and professional and had injections of bold colour and carefully selected photography to feel more personal. Together, we created the company name, brand identity, templates and website design.


More voices are heard

With Samsas approach and new messaging, more people can now be heard and grow as leaders.

Inclusion gives you more

Inclusion can often be seen as a box to tick. With the new brand and website, Samsas is showing that inclusion is a way to grow, learn and take your company forward.

Access to inclusive advice

A big part of the website is sharing leadership tips and training that anyone who wants to improve their workplace inclusion can access.

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