The Copy Prescription

Helping businesses explain complex topics

The Copy Prescription helps businesses in the science and health space write copy that works and that has a lot of personality. These topics are very important but often hard to communicate in an approachable way. Louise who is behind the business came to use to develop a new brand and website that would make the business easier to run day to day. Together we worked on her brand strategy, developed a Squarespace website, built her new brand and created templates for social media and proposals. This means Louise now has more time for the work she loves and can be more flexible in making changes to her website or updates to her social media.


Website design
Template design

The brand idea

Words are at the core of The Copy Prescription's business. By combining bold type and friendly photography, we created a balance that shows Louise's way of getting bold results using an approachable process.

A brand with personality

A key part of the brand story was to balance a little bit of playfulness and personality with the professionalism that Louise is known for. We used the 'Prescription' aspect of the brand to create banner graphics and put the focus on the custom experience clients get.



Through the brand strategy, we were able to help The Copy Prescription more clearly identify their services and how they can be explained. We then used this knowledge as a basis for how the website should be structured.

Brand recognition

The previous brand was less defined and more difficult to recognize. By keeping the aspects of the brand that worked and creating a new visual language that better connects with their customers, The Copy Prescription can now use their brand more consistently.

An easy brand to use

Running your business day to day takes a lot of time, especially admin and social media. By developing templates for these sides of the business, The Copy Prescription can now spend less time and get better results.

Brand guidelines

One of the best ways to build consistency is with clear brand guidelines. We created a document showing the photography style, how to use the logo and colours, layout and any other design elements that help tell a cohesive story.

Bold templates in Canva

Most business owners do not have design programs like Adobe. To make the templates easy to use, we developed all templates in the free tool Canva. This way you can get a custom look by simply editing text or exchanging an image.

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