Rebranding a family business

William Yules and Son have been in business since 1865 and needed a rebrand that could reflect their great history while feeling updated and timeless. The company supplies restaurants, care homes and schools with raw ingredients but are often mistaken for a catering company. Changing this perception and updating the brand were the two main goals.


Print design

The brand idea

A new brand that embraces history.

A reflection of quality

We created a new logo, shortening the company name and created a full brand guide. We used a richer colour palette to show the attention to quality rather than simply competing on price. Stationary, yearly catalogues and delivery trucks help expand the brand and are a great way to increase brand exposure.


Brand recognition

With a consistent message and designs across trucks, print and the new website, Yules has now increased their brand awareness.

New markets

The new focus on high quality photography and highlighting the food has helped Yules expand in to new markets.

Highlighting quality

In an industry dominated by sameness and cost cutting, the focus on quality and excellent service is now reflected in the brand.

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