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Activist, optimist or just ready for change? We build brands for clients reforming the future.

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We build brands with impact that you feel proud to share.

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From strategy to everyday design support, we can help you create a consistent brand that is easy to use.

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Great design goes beyond an impressive exterior. We approach every project with a pinch of scientific curiosity and a lot of experience. From telling your story and humanising your brand, to building a strategy that you feel excited to use, working with us means peace of mind and real results.

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A designer and an ecologist help you build a brand with impact

It’s 2015 in Edinburgh. Malin and Jeremy are working on their separate projects over a coffee. Malin is writing a paper on conservation strategies for developing countries and Jeremy is doing research on communication design for new technologies. Suddenly it clicks. What if we combine our skills to help those shaping the future. We couldn’t drop the idea so here we are 7 years later.

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Sustainable means people, planet and a way of thinking

As a studio working in communication, we recognise that we have a role to play in promoting diverse, true and sustainable ideas. That is why we choose our clients carefully and pay extra attention to the impact our work can have. We also work hard to keep our own footprint sustainable and donate to causes we believe in.

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