Clarifying treatment options

Gut health is becoming an important issue for many patients but the treatment options are often unclear. EnteroBiotix came to us to build a brand for good bacteria. We helped EnteroBiotix develop a friendly and easy to understand brand, website, pitch decks and marketing materials that connects with both patients, doctors and investors.


Print design

Creative Parners

GearedApp - Development
The Copy Prescription - Copy

The brand idea

Every patients should feel comfortable and empowered understanding their treatment options.

Embracing the Patient

The whole process was very collaborative, including the web designers and the team at EnteroBiotix. From our research, it was clear that most competitors had the same visuals and we decided to create a design that set the company apart by focusing on people and positive illustrations.


Increased traction

EnteroBiotix's new brand and website has encouraged new patients to reach out and enquire about treatment options.

A brand that is easy to use

The easy to use templates have made it easy for EnteroBiotix to quickly prepare for new events and pitches.

Improved communication

The friendly illustrations have set the brand apart on the market and help the brand communicate difficult subjects.

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