Empowering millennials to take control of their finances

A secure financial future is one of the key challenges facing millennials all over the world. Recent years has seen an increase in credit card debt, student loans and an increasingly challenging job market. Amongst all this, millennials often feel overwhelmed planning and managing their money. Investeo want to change this by offering clear and helpful information written in plain English. The goal is to empower young adults to take back control of their finances and understand that they have options that can work for them. We worked with Investeo to communicate their mission, develop their visual identity and design their first product, a guide on personal finance.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Document design
Website design

The brand idea

Investeo is all about making finances feel easy and exciting. We worked with photography and colours that focus on comfort and planning for your dream future. It was important that the brand felt approachable to stand apart from the traditional banks and advisors while still feeling trustworthy.

Designing with empathy

When you feel worried about your future, too much advice can prevent you from getting started. With the clear sections of the guide and the simple overviews, it is easy to start where you need it the most. We used soft shapes, imagery and colour and a clean layout to help bring clarity to an often complex topic.

The Impact

Mental health

Stress about money is a big contributor to anxiety and frustration. Throughout the design process, it was important that the information was always conveyed in a positive, accessible and helpful way.

Safer futures

With pension ages and student loans going up, young adults need financial information more than ever. At the same time, credit card debt and fierce marketing tactics are preventing many from having a secure future. The advice in the guide shows the steps to take back control of your finances.


The price point means those who can not afford a financial advisor now have access to much of the same information. By levelling the plane field and offering information that gives you options rather than strict rules, we empower young adults to make smart choices that suit them.

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