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Branding to-do list

23 May 2019

What are the steps involved in creating a brand? We walk you through how to understand your customers, explain your business and create a brand that will only grow and get better with time. All advice is easy to follow and actionable so you can quickly create a to-do list for your brand project.

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brand strategy

Why is brand strategy important?

8 April 2019

Brand strategy means gathering all the information you need on your customers and competition so you can find your place in the market. Once you understand where you fit in and what your customers want, you can focus in on the marketing and branding efforts that will be most effective for you, saving you a ton of time and effort.

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Branding process

Step by step branding process

10 March 2019

Ready to start building a brand and wonder what happens when you hire an agency? We explain the different steps we go through to go from where you are now to a powerful brand that helps you reach your new goals.

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How to successfully explain your medical device product

11 June 2019

Medical devices have unique regulatory rules to follow when it comes to marketing. You also face the challenge of explaining your product to both health professionals, patients and investors - all with different levels of medical understanding. We look at how to tackle this and get great results.

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Here's all you need to know about Youtube marketing for small businesses

25 March 2019

Youtube is a great way to connect with potential customers and spread the awareness of your brand. We show examples of successful channels and how you can succeed on Youtube.

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How to create a brand strategy

11 February 2019

By asking the right questions, gathering quality data and then using this information to create a strategy for your business, you can save a lot of time and money. We show you the step by step process to conduct brand research, put everything together and create your own strategy.

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Brand guidelines or Style guide, which one is right for you?

28 January 2018

Brand guides and style guides are great for creating a cohesive brand image and build recognition with customers quicker. They have different levels of complexity and are often used in different ways. We look at when to use a Brand guide or a Style guide and give you inspiration with some great examples.

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Branding trends STEM companies should embrace

29 August 2018

STEM companies often have a technical aspect that can be challenging to explain to the everyday consumer or investor. We look at some of the most interesting trends for STEM companies to embrace to grow quicker and build stronger brands.

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