Our Mission

We are champions of optimists who decide to make a difference. Positive messages need a strong strategy and plan to be seen - together we can make sustainable the norm, not a luxury.

01: Our vision

Let’s make sustainable
brands the norm

Sustainable choices should be easy to make.

The global challenges we face can not be solved by individual consumers, instead we as companies and organisations need to make sustainable options easy and compelling.

What does sustainable mean to us?

Most people associate sustainability with environmental goals and conservation but this is only part of the story. To us, social sustainability is just as important. This means a society where people are free to be themselves, live a dignified and fulfilled life and where free and and unbiased information is valued.

To get there we need to be innovative, brave and creative. Partnering up means we can help you reach more people with your important message.

Let’s make sustainable choices the norm!

02: Our contribution

What we do
to help out

1% for sustainability

Conservation is linked to both environmental sustainability and improved human rights. We are excited to donate at least 1% of our yearly sales to non-profits for conservation.

We always try to reduce first

From sharing a lovely collaborative office space to sustainable print and lots of biking, we always try to minimise our impact where we can.

Anything left, we offset

Much of the impact we as a business have is tied to the cities we live in. Where we can’t directly decrease our impact, we use carbon compensation to become carbon neutral. The money goes towards building out renewable energy globally and supports micro businesses.

Lead Designer

Jeremy Jusoh

Jeremy is our creative lead and loves to get to know you before diving in to designing. He takes the extra time to empathise with your customers to create a beautiful brand with impact. With a background in digital media and user experience, Jeremy will guide you on how to implement your brand.

Sustainability advisor

Malin Lernhammar

Malin is our research expert, taking a big picture approach to give you consultation and business advice. Her background in ecology and sustainability means she can find unique ways of telling your brand story. Malin will guide you through the process and ensure you have a great experience.

You are in good company

Meet some of the lovely people we have worked with so far

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