Welcome to the studio who thrives on challenges and ambitious ideas. We take the personal touch very seriously and we hope you will feel both welcome and extra motivated after saying hi!

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ecologist & project manager

Malin Jusoh

Malin's education

Malin traded a path in research for design when she saw the deep need to explain and promote sustainable businesses. She is passionate about making it easy to communicate and grow ideas that have a positive impact.

Malin's interests

Growing our own food, trying new hobbies…so many hobbies…and spending time with family.

Friendly faces

lead designer

Jeremy Jusoh

Jeremy's education

With a background in human centered design and experience design, Jeremy is passionate about creating brands that are inclusive and that make people stop and think. Collaboration is his favourite part of any project.

Jeremy's interests

Playing D&D, going on family adventures and spending time at the gym or reading up on politics.

Ethical Design

Design and marketing has a lot of power. We take that seriously. We only work with people who are promoting diverse, true and sustainable ideas. These are big words so here is what that means to us.

Our efforts

sustainable design studio

We only partner with businesses who work for a positive impact on people and the planet. This means creating messages that are empowering, honest and effective.

Ethical design

We don’t accept discrimination, false advertising or greenwashing and will say no if asked to design it.

Climate neutral design

We keep our own impact low and donate 1% of our revenue to conservation and social causes. What we are not able to reduce, we offset using UN approved initiatives.

Our services

How can we help?

Working with us is easy, empowering and dare we say, quite fun. You and your goals take centerstage and we help you dream bigger and make a real impact with your business.


— Logo design
— Brand strategy
— Visual language
— Website design


— Templates and marketing assets
— Print design
— Packaging design
— Illustration
Our services

Our Story

get to know us

We have itchy feet, jumping to make real change happen. We are also big on the personal touch and working with optimistic people.

It’s 2015 in Edinburgh. It’s raining and Malin and Jeremy are working on their separate projects over a coffee. Malin is writing a paper on conservation strategies for developing countries and Jeremy is doing research on communication design for new technologies. Suddenly it clicks, what if we combine our skills to help those shaping the future get their message out. We couldn’t drop the idea so here we are 6 years later with over 85 projects behind us and many exciting ahead!

Our values

our approach

— Creating smart solutions that last
— Listening to communities
— Always promoting truth
— Optimism and creativity
— Being a long term partner

You are in good company

Get inspired by the ambitious, innovative and optimistic clients we worked with before.

remode collective


Creating sustainable fashion & building a community



Empowering women with natural beauty & education



Treating chronic disease & preventing antibiotic resistance



Helping women from minority communities

scottish building association


Restoring old buildings and giving them new purpose

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Organisation makes all the difference

We built a remote collaboration tool

Gathering files like web copy, photography and feedback from clients on time is one of the most common reasons why creative projects go over budget and take longer than expected. We built a tool to help creatives automate this process and make the collaboration both easy and rewarding.

How does it help

— Automatic reminders
— Easy to use, up and running in minutes
— Everything organised in one place
— Share files with your team
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