Our clear step-by-step process creates
a strong foundation and dazzling results

A clear plan &
a collaborative

Our branding process


Getting to know
each other

To have a strong impact, your brand needs to appeal to the right people. You also need to stand apart from the competition. At the beginning of every project we run a discovery session to create a road map for your company moving forward. This will help you narrow down your most important goals. The discovery session is very collaborative - we want to learn everything we can about your business before we start designing.


Creating a clear

Now that we have set clear goals, we conduct market research. This includes finding out what customers are looking for, how your brand can stand apart from competitors and creating style scapes. Style scapes are targeted mood boards that suggest potential design directions for your new visual identity. We discuss what our research has found and how we want to incorporate this in to your new brand.


Imagining what
your brand can be

Based on our discovery session and research, we create multiple concepts for your brand. We look at everything from brand voice to logo design and how your brand will work with your marketing strategy. In this meeting, you will see examples of what the designs will look like in different applications and we discuss which concepts is the best fit for you.

Iterations &

Nailing the details

We now have the concept for your brand clear. In this next step we can make iterations to the original concept to make sure they are just right before we move forward. If you would like to test multiple concepts against each other or test variants of a design, we can set up testing with potential customers to help you make a decision.


The brand kit

Once you are happy with all the branding choices, we put together a brand guide to make it easy to implement the brand. We also create all the original files and send you an easy to use kit with all your brand assets so you can launch your new brand.


Staying with you

A big part of branding is building awareness and brand recognition over time. We are here after the brand is created and can help you with marketing assets, website design and other ways for you to connect with your audience.

Work with us


“You showed understanding of my target
audience and have gone beyond my
expectations. You managed to turn a task
that I saw as very daunting in to a fun
experience. You took the hands on approach
to another level in creating an artwork that
made my social enterprise come alive”

Hermine Kinkela, CEO Mbikudi

Brand Builders

Included with every branding projects

  • Brand Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Language
  • Brand Voice
  • User Testing

Brand Boosters

Need something special? We can help.

Illustrations & Print

  • Web ready illustrations
  • Branded icon packs
  • Social media banners
  • Print layout design
  • Merchandise design

Sustainable Packaging

  • Shelf space analysis
  • Customer research
  • Sustainable material advice
  • Package design
  • Testing with customers


  • Interactive prototypes
  • Website design
  • Wix/Squarespace website
  • Webflow website
  • Web copywriting
  • User testing

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