ió fibrewater

Helping people of all ages get the fibre they need. Taking care of your health should be simple.



ió fibrewater is on a mission to help people feel better - both physically and mentally. They have developed a carefully researched recipe that makes it easy to get all the fibre you need, even if you have dietary restrictions. The science can seem difficult to take in, our role was to create an accessible brand.


Since ió have a range of flavours, we created a system that can fit any current or future product. The icon becomes a focal point and the colour reflects the flavour. The rest of the design is kept simple to make the icon more prominent, perfect for getting noticed on the shelf.

Our Process

The brand is focused on clear, positive and friendly imagery and messaging that highlights the science without feeling complicated. The drink is great for anyone but the digital identity will mainly be used to speak to a more social media savvy customer. Because of this, we created packaging that appeals to a wider audience and made the marketing assets more tailored to young professionals with an active lifestyle and a passion for self care.


Brand recognition

Before we started designing the packaging, we did a shelf space analysis of products that would sit next to ió, both in stores and online. We then made sure that the design is both impactful and inviting to anyone who is shopping for a functional beverage.

An easy brand to use

Since the brand will live both online and in stores, it was important that any new campaigns, marketing or packaging can easily be created from the brand assets. We therefore created a system based on the circle and drop of the icon as well as incorporating the arrow to highlight key information.

All recyclable bottles

We created designs for both Tetrapak and plastic bottles. All packaging can easily be recycled and by using fewer colours and a minimalist design, the impact of the ink is also lower.

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