Social Foodies

Marketing for plant based food brands

Social Foodies is a marketing agency who help plant based food brands grow their business. A plant based diet is one of the key steps to a more sustainable lifestyle. As demand is growing, new and ethical brands need to stand apart from greenwashing corporations and Social Foodies is their perfect partner. To show Social Foodies deep understanding of the market, we developed a new logo and visual language.


Print design

The brand idea

Social Foodies is a vibrant company full of personality and inspired by different cultures and the food it promotes. Our idea - combining the atmosphere of a healthy food festival with a marketing agency.

Embracing plant based

Plant based foods are exploding and have their own unique marketing needs. Since the founder of Social Fodies plays such a central role in connecting with the customers, we wanted to make sure their knowledge of healthy food and South American heritage was reflected in the brand.

The Impact

More clarity

With the new logo and tagline, Social Foodies clearly show their niche and now appeal to the right customers.

A memorable personality

The illustrations makes the brand flexible and creates a memorable personality that builds brand awareness.


The Owner of Social Foodies now feels confident in their brand and excited to start promoting their new niche and services.

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